Two Money Opportunities for Bloggers in One Place

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Here’s another excellent article.

Most of the time I write about affiliate marketing because it’s what I know best. However, this post is geared toward bloggers in general, whether or not you are affiliate marketers. Of course…only if you are a blogger who wants to make money!

When FMTC announced that they were combining their Publisher Toolkit product with Fress Press Media, I inwardly groaned. I don’t like change–especially when it means that I have to change passwords in LastPass or install new bookmark. I was already using both products separately and didn’t want to figure out how to use them together.

Then one day I tried to use my Deep Link bookmarklet and it told me that I needed to convert to the new site. That was enough to make me take action because I can’t be without my Publisher Toolkit bo… Read More

Wasn’t that great?

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