It’s Time for Affiliate Marketers to Embrace a New Conference

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Here’s another good article.

Most people wouldn’t believe it, but I am TERRIBLE at stepping outside my comfort zones. I like having plans and routines and predictability. I like safety nets and knowing what I am getting into. That’s a big reason why I go to the same events year after year and have been reluctant to try out others.

I think a lot of you are like me. We like what we like…why try something else? Especially when as self-employed entrepreneurs, money from our own pockets goes into funding every trip.

This is the year I try something new!! And I have some very good reasons for it that may also apply to you whether you are a blogger, a merchant, or an agency.

I’m going to the Type-A Parent Conference. More than that, I’m SPEAKING at Type-A. In the past I was afraid to go because I thought th… Read More

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