3 Crucial Steps When Running a CPA Offer

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Sourced From: https://www.tricia.me/2017/10/25/3-crucial-steps-running-cpa-offer/

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CPA networks get a bad rap from many in the affiliate industry, but I have had success with many of them over the years–even on my content sites. In particular, they often have free offers and contests that are legitimate and perfect for my audiences. However, even when you are working with a reputable CPA network, you are at the mercy of the one thing that will kill your campaign dead instantly–the offer caps.

I can’t tell you how many times I have gotten into the swing of a very successful campaign and started making money only to get that dreaded email from the network that the offer has been paused. Sometimes it can come in as little as a few hours. In fact, I had it happen to me just today with the very successful Movies Anywhere offer. It was a great offer with a super payout and converting at ov… Read More

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